Co-Founder, PiperWai
ABC’s Shark Tank Success Story

Sarah Ribner

Sarah Ribner is the co-founder of PiperWai Natural Deodorant, a success story on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank. While pursuing an MBA at Columbia Business School, Sarah partnered with her childhood best friend, Jess Edelstein, to launch PiperWai. Sarah began her journey with wellness almost a decade ago, as a solution to her skin sensitivities, allergies, and general lethargy. She transformed her health and appearance through clean eating, non-toxic personal care products, and dedication to an active fitness regimen. An effective natural deodorant was the missing piece in her quest to lead a healthy lifestyle.


After testing out her best friend’s product on a volunteer trip to South America, Sarah became a PiperWai believer. A former sales equity analyst, she utilized her finance background to help develop a business model for PiperWai. In the first year of business, Sarah helped secure and negotiate distribution of the product in over 40 independent retailers across the United States as well as retailers in Canada and China.Together, Sarah and Jess refined the formula, created a PiperWai community, and finished a successful crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo. Since Shark Tank, PiperWai has grown into a multimillion dollar company with offices in New York and Philadelphia.


Sarah is a recent graduate of Columbia Business School, and a pending certified aromatherapist. She currently resides in New York City.